Kareena Kapoor doesn’t decide to give birth to children

Isla Devanny December 5, 2016
Kareena Kapoor Wallpapers

Kareena Kapoor is always very furious of aggresive questions about her personal life. During a recent interview, she indignantly denounce all future busy-body.

“Earlier it was when are they [Saif Ali Khan and Kareena] going to get married? Now everyone wants to know when is she having a baby?,” said Kareena.

“Who knows, I might even decide not to have kids. I am just 32. And Saif already has two kids. We are not a typical Indian couple who got married just so they can have a child. We are modern.”

Good point well made, Kareena.

She also refered about her pet peeve – people’s concept about married actresses.

“I am working with Imran Khan who is younger! After my marriage! Isn’t that enough to bust this theory?” said Kareena. “I won’t reduce my roles or leave my act career even though I married.”

“I think people who think that married actresses are over are jaded. And I don’t hang out with archaic people. We are in 2013. And it was my choice to get married and still pursue my career.”